Actor – Martial Artist – Model

Bjorn was born and raised in the small town of Oppdal in the middle of Norway (and in the middle of nowhere.) He grew up practicing martial arts as well as acting the class clown to every teacher’s frustration.

In his late teens, people started commenting on how he would do great as an actor since he fooled around all the time. Acting as a career however, was never seriously pursued until around the age of 29.

This happened five years after he moved to the US. He and a friend found an acting studio called The American Actor’s Factory which was ran by Disco San Andreas. Little did Bjorn know, this was the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime.

Since then, Bjorn has appeared in several student films, commercials, theatre productions, as well as his greatest accomplishment to date, getting accepted into the prestigious BFA Acting program at the University Of Central Florida.

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